Consultancy in purchasing & logistics



Our values



> Offer our customers independent and objective consulting services,
> Make sure our customers reach their objectives rapidly,
> Act with our customers as long term proximity partner,
> Offer our customers the best market practices resulting from permanent technological watch,
> Ensure progressive skills transfer up to complete familiarisation with the solution.


> Proudly bear the ethical and integrity values by refusing any form of remuneration that is not from our customers,
> Ensure strict compliance with the 6 principles of the French diversity charter signed by Effixens,
> Implement our eco-responsible policy by limiting the environmental impact of our activity, by adopting ourselves or by requesting our suppliers and partners to adopt eco-responsible behaviour,
> Apply a continuous improvement and sustainable development approach with ISO 26000-compatible objectives,
> Fight against all types of harassment in the work environmnent.



> Demand rigor, integrity and high quality work from our employees,
> Offer continuous training prior to business changes,
> Provide access to wide professional documentation as well as specialised organisations,
> Preserve a high-level team that is proactive and geographically mobile,
> Share profits equitably to recruit and then keep the best employees.