Consultancy in purchasing & logistics





Secure the investment!

We transpose your requirements with the various project players (editors, integrators, etc.) so that you can focus on adding value to the project ... and your company too. 
We share with you our expertise of the market best practices.
We support you in keeping budget and project's milestones under control.


  • Definition of the target processes
  • Specifications issuing support
  • Tender assistance and support
  • Choice of the tool assistance
  • Support with sourcing project teams

Your company strategy transposed into purchasing objectives allows us, via a process-driven approach, to build with you the vision of your business information system.
Our expertise of solutions, in SaaS mode or by purchasing licences, enables us to define with you the scope of the first projects including the budgets and main milestones, prior to issuing the IS/IT specifications.
Through our in-depth knowledge of editors and integrators market, we'll support you throughout the sourcing process, fairly and objectively.
We support you for identifying the relevant internal and external resources of the project team.


  • Project management support
  • Change management
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Deployments support

Whilst you focus on reaching your business objectives, we support you beyond the traditional project governance missions.
Our methodology flexibly adapted to your requirements allows us to propose efficient work organisation, thus streamlining the mobilisation of internal resources ... and business trips.
Our flexible approach complies with your requirements regarding international localisations and deployments aspects.
We can propose the training, communication and change management plans adapted to your budgets and your corporate culture.


  • IS optimisation
  • Tool migration methodology

We assist you in implementating the support functions and deploying the features with the users.
Our "Optimise the existing systems" offer will help you for improving the performance of the processes: We identify with you the potential areas of progress, you decide on the scope of the future improvements.
In addition, if you want to change your existing tool(s), we can help you identify the right solution. Our methodology will allow a smooth "on time and on budget" migration fully compatible with the scope of your project.